Retail-Driven Fulfillment

Retail-Driven fulfillment is our specialty. This typically involves shipping a large quantity of product at the case or pallet level to major retailers, wholesalers, specialty stores or distribution centers. Retail fulfillment will require the coordination of many external partners. Working with VANS from which various EDI documents are exchanged, trucking companies with whom orders are routed; and clients from whom Compliance Guidelines and Routing Guidelines are obtained. The rewards are great since a lot of product can move quickly through your warehouse and it is typically at the case level. Conversely the risk is great as well since retailers are ever ready to assess chargebacks on shipments which don’t absolutely meet their expectations.

In addition; the technology needed to provide omni-channel fulfillment is complex. Inventory must be able to be retrieved in cases, pre-packs, or individual items. This means WMS systems need to track inventory movement concurrently in these units of measure. Items are being tracked and recorded based on which outbound box each item was placed. Retailers are demanding more and more information to be provided with shipments and providers need to have a system that can accommodate the requests.